Why we support Yamada-Machi in Iwate


Why we support Yamada-Machi, Iwate Prefecture

In 2011, March 11th at 14.46 Japan time, the big earthquake hit the Northern Part of Japan, and caused the hugh Tsunami with the wave hight 40 meters.   Including Yamada Machi, Iwate, areas along Pacific Ocean in Tohoku and Kanto area were heavily damaged with this Huge Tsunami.

Members at Netherland Chamber of Commerce in Japan who have been active in business in Japan for long time wanted to do something to support to the reconstruction for those people who are suffered with Tsunami – repay the favor members received in Japan.

Members learned that Yamada Machi and the Netherlands had relations since Edo era, and nowerdays, there is a cross cultural/exchange student programme between Yamada Machi and the city Zeist in the Netherlands.  Thus the members of JNS such as DSM Japan, Rabo Bank Nederland Tokyo Branch, van der Architechts, ‘t Stockpaerd, believed that supporting Yamada Machi would be the appropriate choice.

This decision made us to establish the foundation in order to ask the donation from the Netherlands related companies, association and supporters.   With the great support from the Japan Netherlands Society, the Oranda Jima Foundation started in November 2011.