Activity Concept & Action Policy



Having historical relation started since 1643 between the Netherlands and Yamada-Machi, we care deeply about particularly Children who bear the future of the region. We highly value the bond developed through the support activities in the area.


Action Policy:

  • We act focusing on devastated people and children in Yamada-Machi.
  • We communicate closely and deeply with the beneficiaries in order to realize the best practice of the support for the people in Yamada-Machi.
  • All expenses and costs for the support activities at our Association are totally depending on supporters individual donation.
  • Donation and Relief supplies offered through our association are 100% devoted to the reconstruction support for Yamada-Machi.
  • All members of our association will stay on path together with people Yamada-Machi in the spirit of supporting and communing each other with defected people in Yamada-Machi.