Activity in 2011



28th November   Oranda Jima Foundation establishment registration

Mr David Litt, responsible for legal of our foundation visited Morioka Legal Affairs Bureau and completed the registration of our foundation’s establishment.  Mr Sato and Ms Fukuda from Japan Netherlands Society accompanied Mr Litt.  In the afternoon, they moved to Yamada, and been explained from Yamada Machi ward office aabout FURUSATO NOZEI donation system as well as the construction basic plan of the After School Club House for Funakoshi elementary school.

29th October  Charity Sale by Rabobank Members at “Truck Party”

At the Truck Party held in Japan, Rabo bank members opened the charity sale activity at the “Truck Party”.  Truck Party is the entertainment event originated in Europe. While bicycles racing in the truck, the party is held in the bank.



7th October  Donating Miffy Bus

As Emergy Support in the post-quake chaos, the minibus was donated to Yamada Machi.  The mini bus was broght to Yamada Machi from Tokyo with  Jan Remie, Makoto Harada, Kei Matsumoto from Rabobank, and Mr Matsuda of Taimatsu Car Option.

Please read more on Miffy Bus Project page.


8th July  Meeting with Mayor of the town and people from health & welfare section (2nd visit)

Under the circumstance of living in the temporary housing, it was the most important thing that we understand the requirement from the people in Yamada Machi of what they need most.  Mr Numasaki, the mayor mentioned that without recovery of industry, the town could not be recovered.  Mr Satodate, the health & welfare manager of the town mentioned the importance of rebuilding the after school club for Funakoshi elementary school is the very important issue fot he town.

Visiting members:  Leon Halders, Jan Remie, Makoto Harada, Wolter Veenhoven, Martin van der Linden

28th April    Dutch companies/association visit to Yamada Machi (1st visit)

We made first visit to Yamada Machi after 1 and half months of the earthquake and tsunami hit those areas.  Everything was complete destroyed, and disappeared.  On our way to the town, we made courtesy visit to Mr Tasso, Governor of Iwate Prefecture.  Then we met with Mr Numasaki, Mayor of Yamada Machi in Morioka while he was visiting Tsunami/earthquake victims at temporary houses.

In the afternoon, we moved to Yamada Machi, and had meetings with Mr Shoichi Sato, Deputy Mayor of Yamada Machi and Mr Satodate, manager of health and welfare from  Yamada Machi.  We explained that Dutch related companies and association would like to cooperate with support activites for children in Yamada Machi.   Members met Mr Koei Abe, chairman of the Yamada Machi Rotary Club, Mr Satoshi Ito, the chairman of the Yamada Japan Netherlands friendship association et al, and during the visit, members heard the experience from them on that day March 11th.   It was far beyond imagination…

Viisting Members:  Rio Praaning, Onka Tatebe, Jan Remie, Makoto Harada, Wolter Veenhoven, Martin van der Linden