Activity in 2012



27th-28th December   Visiting the planned site (5th visit)

Since July 2011, we were making visits to Yamada Machi and been discussing with Yamada Machi about our plan of the after school club house constructdion.  Due to the various difficult issues in the town, the decision of the site for the House was significantly delayed.  In December, they finally decided the site in Funakoshi area, high ground and adjoining to Marine Center.  While we made visit to the site, Mr Michiyuki Haga from Yamada Machi education board, and Mr Suzuki of health and welfare section from the town gave us the explanation of the site.

Visting members:  Wolter Veenhoven, Makoto Harada

31st October   Mr Eiichi Ogata, Manager of the health and welfare section of Yamada Machi visited Tokyo

Mr Eiichi Ogata from the Yamada Machi, and Dr Kiyoshi Sasaki visited Tokyo.   They raised new idea/proposal in relation to our under-discussing project of after school club house building.  It was the propsoal that they like to introduce the mental care programme which Dr Sasaki Coordinate.   Their proposal is in line with what Oranda Jima Foundation is planning thus we agreed with their propsoal.  This means we will expand activity of the after school club house, and we agreed to work in coopeartion  with Yamada Machi ward office and Dr Sasaki. 

27th-28th July   Meeting with Yamada Machi (4th visit)

Based on the information collected during our 3rd visit, we made 4th visit to the town to discuss our focusing activity of the supporting project. 

Our representative director, Leon Halders explained our foundation’s purpose and the activity plan to Mr Shinitsu Sato, the Mayor of the town, Mr Eiichi Ogata, health and welfare section of the town, external advisor residing in Yamada.  After the meeting, we had social gathering at the temporary restaurant nearby.

Visiting member: Leon Halders, Nobuo Takei, Jan Remie, Makoto Harada, Wolter Veenhoven, Martin van der Linden, et al)

15th-17th March   Meeting with Yamada Machi – Exchange Opinions (3rd visit)

It is almost a year after the 3.11 Earthquake and Tsunami hit northern part of Japan, and the restoration and reconstruction of Yamada Machi was still under an extremely difficult and confused situation.  Under those circumstances, we needed to meet the people in Yamada, collect the information widely, and exchange opinions with them in order to make our activity plan be useful for the people in the town.  We made 3 days visit to Yamadamachi, and had chance to meet and exchange opinions with MOrioka Tax office, former Manager of Educadtion of the town, mayor of the town, town office health and welfare section, and so on.  We also visited the Todoroki after school children’s club, site where the Funakoshi elementary school located, temporary Funakoshi elementary school, junior high school.

Visiting member: Wolter Veenhoven, Makoto Harada, Kei Kato