Activity in 2017



11th March

We received donation collected at the live event “Let’s Cling Together”.

This is the annual event which the music band composed with DSM Japan employees’ and their friends and they hold the live event.

The first event was held on May 2011 as “Live Aid Yamada Machi”, and later this annual event is called as “Let’s Cling Together”.  Since then, every year, they collect the donation a their  live event.  We thank them very much of their support.

10th March

Mr Dick Bruna, the famous Miffy’s creator passed away on 16th February.  He also offered the logo for the Oranda Jima House, and children at the Oranda Jima House expressed their sincere thanks by exhibiting their message to Mr Bruna at their “Dick Bruna corner – the smallest exhibition in Japan”.  You can see photos in the news page.